13 35. In the event that the employer removes one (1) worker from its regular staff, as noted above, the condition is that these workers, under the jurisdiction of the local union, hire at least one (1) companion of Local Union 467 on the sixth working day. The parties do not intend to require the employer to employ an additional worker at work such as points lists, single-contract detached houses, services and repairs, etc. However, if such work is clearly available, the employer must employ the additional companion. 36. Any worker or applicant or employer who claims to be offended by the application for one of the provisions of this agreement presents the same to the appeal procedures of the various local unions referred to in this agreement. ARTICLE V LOCAL #467 SUBSTANCE ABUSE POLICY 37. The Local Union #467 and the signatory employers have agreed on a uniform substance abuse policy, which will be implemented by each employer who chooses to do so under the conditions described in Addendum A. The parties agree that, although it is in force, there is no strike, lockout or other work stoppage, except that a stopping point is not considered a violation of this agreement or is not interpreted because of the sanction of the Local Construction Council. 39. It is agreed and agreed that during the period of implementation of this agreement and its effectiveness, the employer does not authorize the lockout and that no employer excludes its employees and that the Union does not strike its employees, slows down or slows down their work in disputes, complaints or claims arising from the terms of this agreement, with the exception of such disputes, complaints or complaints arising from the employer`s failure or refusal: A. To establish negotiable payslips, B. For the purposes of complying with the provisions of Article III and Article IV of this agreement, C.

For the purposes of complying with the provisions of Article XVI of this agreement, D. respects the decisions of a joint committee of conferences or arbitrators. For such an individual employer who does not comply with the provisions of Article VI or refuses to do so, he is not a 9 10 with all the rules of the I.N.S. but is not liable to the employer in the event of a failure to verify. 23. NON-DISCRIMINATION. The selection of workers and candidates for removal cannot be based or influenced in any way on age, race, colour, religion, sex or national origin or membership of the Union, statutes, rules, rules, constitutional provisions or other aspects or obligations of EU membership, policies or requirements, unless the law permits it under Article III of this agreement.